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Core- Embercombe

2021 Embercombe aerial photo HW.jpg

Image credit: H Wood


Embercombe is a rewilding project and educational venue located in a beautiful Devon valley on the edge of Dartmoor, South West England. We own and manage 50 acres of land and provide opportunities for people to learn about rewilding, sustainability and land-based living. We hold programmes, camps and events, close to the land and in the simplicity of nature. We offer people from all walks of life a place to connect, to regenerate, to reconsider.


The impact of humans is changing the world around us,

so we at Embercombe are changing too. We are responding

to the urgent need to take action for our climate and our land.

We are moving on from seeing the site as a place to grow

food for humans to a place where we are actively encouraging

natural regeneration in order to restore a greater balance with

nature.  We are adopting a rewilding approach to our

management, shifting focus and resources from annual food

cultivation for humans, to nature restoration and the

opportunities it will offer for reconnection between people and the land.


We are proud to be one of the core sites in the Devon Wildland, connecting with other people and land in our Valley, and beyond, who are making space for nature (rewilding or otherwise). Supporting others in our landscape to provide a network of abundance for nature, wildlife and people. Sharing our journey of rewilding so others can learn, critique and benefit.


Our land is a community hub in a rural area and funding allows us to run ‘free-to-access’ positive regenerative activities in wild spaces that support the wellbeing of local people, in particular individuals and families who face barriers such as with low incomes, poor connectivity and/or mental health challenges.

We also run a wide variety of practical residential programmes, volunteer opportunities, apprenticeships, rewilding camps, skill-sharing events and curated online workshops. We inspire people to live in close relationship with nature and run programmes that empower people to live a purposeful life and make a positive change in the world.

Embercombe's website can be found here:

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Image credit: L Fairs

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