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Connectivity- Community

Local Community Action also makes a difference

If you have a garden or outside space there is plenty that you can do to help connect up Devon Wildland and make more space for nature. There are loads of ways you can help wildlife and as well as the brilliant resources available from many of the nature charities, you can also 'pledge a space for nature' at the locally based Wild Teign website. Wild Teign work across Teignbridge to improve green spaces for people and wildlife, bringing nature into our lives and supporting regular voluntary action to deliver positive change. They are mapping places within Devon Wildland and further afield across Teignbridge, where people are taking action, and you can see how smaller acts of kindness for wildlife can have a big impact to help us work towards connecting up the landscape. Click on the link below for more information:

Citizen Science in Devon Wildland

There are many Citizen Science projects that people can get involved with within Devon Wildland. This is a brilliant way to contribute to a growing body of evidence of how different species are faring.


Here are some of the projects that people living in Devon Wildland are currently involved with throughout the year (Click on the links to sign up and get involved):

Westcountry Rivers Trust Citizen Science Investigations

Measuring water quality, and changes in temperature and flow, which will help us map our watercourses over time, to see how they are responding to climate change as well as any pollution incidents.

Cirl Bunting Action Hub Monitoring

The Cirl Bunting Monitoring Programme hopes to engage volunteers to help monitor cirl buntings. The surveys will be carried out annually with volunteers completing two visits to each of their chosen site(s) between April and August. The survey will be ongoing so this is an opportunity to really get to know your local cirl buntings and explore your local area while making a vital contribution to the conservation of this rare species.

The Bats in Churches

Recording the species of Bats using the churches along the Haldon ridge and surrounding villages.

The Big Garden Birdwatch 

The Butterfly Conservation's Big Butterfly Count

Devon Wildlife Trust's Saving Devon Treescapes Brown Hairstreak Butterfly surveys

Of course Devon Biodiversity Records Centre are always pleased to hear of your wildlife sightings too.

Please get involved and help us to monitor nature in Devon Wildland, it really makes a difference.

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