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The three core sites of Devon Wildland are; Rewilding Hill Crest at Longdown, Embercombe at Higher Ashton and  LettsSafari at Devon Sculpture Park, Mamhead. These sites are managed so that nature can thrive and recover, the three sites are also all different... Click on the individual pages below to find out what's happening at each site.  


Image R Morley

A project to 'rewild' a Devon valley. In 2011, Hill Crest was sheep-grazed fields with a small wooded stream and mature hedgerows. Now it is a jumble of planted and naturally-regenerating native trees, encroaching thorny scrub and brambles, grass and wildflowers, buzzing with bees, butterflies and other insect life, full of birdsong, and home to mammals, reptiles

and amphibians.



Image Xanthe Green

In response to the urgent need to take action for our climate and our land, Embercombe are moving on from seeing the site as a place to grow food for humans to a place where they are actively encouraging natural regeneration in order to restore a greater balance with nature.  Embercombe are adopting

a rewilding approach to their management, shifting focus and resources from annual food cultivation for humans, to nature restoration and the opportunities

it will offer for reconnection

between people and the land.


letts bee.jpg

Image Letts Safari

LettsSafari's first safari park is at Mamhead Park in Devon. Experience the abundance of birds, mammals, butterflies, beetles, reptiles, plants and fungi in a setting that feels as wild and dynamic as the African bush. Habitats include wild grassland, wildflower meadow, open scrub, woodland, lake, wetland and bog. FIND OUT MORE >>

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