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Here are some examples of how we are working together to connect a mosaic of habitats for wildlife dispersal across Devon Wildland, and how linking up the core sites is so important to allow nature the space to thrive. 

The land management of some sites is restricted. There are numerous sites
of SSSI within Devon Wildland which have specific management plans in
place. Historic monuments as well as National Grid Electricity pylons all
feature along the Haldon ridge and as such the land is managed to
accommodate these human features but as well as creating challenges
some management can be useful for some species such as Pearl Bordered
Fritillary and Nightjars, how do we connect these areas and allow for more
robust populations? 

By landowners being mindful of the effect that their land management
choices has on the wider landscape, good work is being done to map and
identify areas which can be more sensitively managed to allow more space
for nature. 'Broken links' in the landscape can be repaired
by working together. We are already seeing huge benefits by thinking
landscape-scale with the 'overspill effect' of species moving beyond their limited range and being seen more widespread across Devon Wildland. By creating a ribbon of connected diverse habitats across the ridge we can help these species to create strongholds. Glow worms are now regularly seen across the ridge and Turtle Doves have been sighted.  


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